American Civil War Art

Limited Edition Prints

For the serious collector of art depicting historical themes, we are pleased to announce that we have an important collection on consignment of both framed and unframed limited edition prints by two of the most prominent artists of the American Civil War.

MORT KUNSTLER  was the first artist to achieve national prominence with his very realistic and historically accurate depictions of American Civil War battlefield scenes.  Kunstler attended Brooklyn College, UCLA and the Pratt Institute and worked for a number of years as a magazine illustrator and did book covers and movie posters before turning to the American Civil War.  In 1982, CBS commissioned him to do a painting for the ‘Blue and Gray’ TV mini-series.    When Kunstler’s painting ‘High Water Mark’ was unveiled at the Gettysburg Battlefield in 1988 for the 125th Anniversary of that battle, his work drew praise for its historical accuracy.  Over the next fifty years, Kunstler’s art focused on the American Civil War and was reproduced through limited edition prints.    Now retired from painting, Kunstler’s work has also been the subject of several books and many of his paintings are in the Pritzker Military Museum.

DON TROIANI, a native New Yorker, studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the New York City Art Students League.    He focused early-on in his career on art dealing with historical themes and is well known today not only for paintings depicting the American Civil War but also, the American Revolution and the War of 1812.   Like Kunstler, he is meticulous about attention to detail and historical accuracy.  He guarantees this by combining his art career with a passion for collecting uniforms, arms, badges, and other military artifacts which have made him the owner of one of the largest personal collections of Civil War memorabilia.   He studies these objects closely to ensure accuracy in his paintings, mostly done in either oil or gouache.  Many of Troiani’s original works can be seen at any one time at the Smithsonian Institution, West Point Military Museum, Gettysburg Battlefield, and other Civil War sites and state historical societies dedicated toward the preservation of American history.  Troiani served as a consultant for the movie ‘Cold Mountain’ and for The History Channel’s TV-series on the American Civil War.



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