Artist Inquiries

Williamsburg Art Gallery welcomes inquiries from prospective artists.  

The gallery selects artists on the basis of the quality of their work and whether they bring something significantly new or different to the gallery than the kinds of art which it already has on display.   We tend to focus on paintings and drawings (oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, pastel, charcoal, graphite or colored pencil), and sculpture (bronze, resin, forged steel or iron, clay, glass) and some mixed media.   No artistic style is excluded although most work tends to range from classical realism to early-modern expressionism.   At present, we do not carry antiques or furniture, large art objects, rugs, firearms and weapons, clothing, or jewelry.   We do not represent the work of individual photographers but may do group exhibits on a case basis or around a specialized them in the future.  Please feel free to inquire and show us examples of your artwork if you do not know if it fits any of the above-described categories or art mediums.  

We offer artists (or art owners) consignment periods (usually three, six or twelve months in duration) during which the gallery will display and make every reasonable attempt to sell their artwork.    We will offer individual artists a Consignment Agreement which spells out the terms of the consignment (dates, gallery commission, any consignment fees) and will complete a Consignment List which identifies the specific works the gallery will display.   Only works which have been specifically identified and accepted for consignment may be brought into the gallery as we maintain a formal database inventory with descriptions and prices of all artwork that is for sale by the gallery.   We will work with individual artists but the safe and timely transport of artwork to and from the gallery is the sole responsibility of the artist. 

The gallery also accepts art on consignment by the legal owner of works of art by other artists, living or deceased, on a case-basis. 

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