Benjamin Scherbarth

Benjamin Scherbarth lives in Wisconsin where he has been pursuing the art of sculpting for the past ten years.  His desire to develop his artistic abilities revealed itself when he was 28 years old.  That year, he was diagnosed with stage-four colon cancer.  It was out of that imminent brush with his own mortality at such a young age that his desire to express himself through art seemed to blossom. In the months and years that have passed since that fateful event, his artistic skills have flourished along with the full return of his health.  Benjamin’s art journey took him from working with exotic woods, carving perfect roses in various stages of bloom, before moving on to accomplish the same in stone.

Benjamin now sculpts using the medium of wire in all its forms from copper to aluminum to steel to bronze. Using wire, he creates various types of trees, each one unique.  The “trees of life” mark the paths people travel in life and the memories gathered along those paths. There is the willow tree that stood by the swimming hole of our past.  There is the strong oak that shaded the house of our youth.  There is the birch tree family that guarded the front door of our grandparent’s home.  Often in life we see “trees” interacting with the forces of nature, depicting the resilience of life in the face of tempest and trial.  Several of his creations capture this interaction well.

Benjamin has created the wire art depicting trees in various sizes from 13 inches in height to 3 inches in height.  He purposely works in smaller scale with these sculpted pieces, striving to position his art within the affordable range of most people. In this way, he provides them with the opportunity to own an original piece which represents a memory from their past.


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