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Art for Corporations, Local Business, Government, and Private Donors

Art makes a statement.   Before a word is even spoken, art can tell your visitors much about who you are, about your background and values and how much you are likely to care about them.   Art can be used to visually communicate many different messages, making the careful selection of art an important consideration for your business.  Remember, people SEE you before they ever HEAR you or THINK about what you are saying so art in your workplace can be key to setting-up favorable outcomes much in the same way that you 'dress for success' ....only it is your entrance or lobby, reception area, waiting room, personal office, corporate boardroom, hotel room or restaurant lounge that is trying to make the right first impression.  

Here are just a few examples:

The presence of high-end art in the office suite of a financial planner or attorney is an effective yet subtle way of conveying a long history of successful decision-making by the firm. 

Art depicting famous local landmarks or by known local artists is a way of signaling you care about the people and history of the region where you do business - that you are 'here to stay.'

Distinctive and memorable art is an essential ingredient contributing to a restaurant's unique atmosphere or can often be why a client will remember a particular hotel and want to return there in the future.

A good realtor knows the power of art in effectively staging an open house to show off a home's true potential.  A small gift of art as a house-warming present can lead to more referrals by grateful new homeowners.

Art makes a lasting impression when given as a gift to an especially valued client, to a non-profit organization, or to a public institution with the donor often identified and recognized by a plaque.  The gift is often a legitimate business expense or tax deduction. 

Patrons of the arts, going back to the Renaissance-era Medici family of Florence, Italy have always been recognized for the important service they performed in both making the creation of art possible and in preserving it for their community's historical legacy.

Health care professionals know the soothing qualities of well-chosen art to relieve anxiety or inspire pleasant thoughts to a recovering patient.

Art which depicts exotic or romantic destinations can inspire travel, bring back fond memories, or trigger a conversation which may help you find a special 'connection' with your interlocutor. 


Remember, art is visual communication and it can often subconsciously influence whether a visitor will choose to enter your office premises, whether they will feel comfortable waiting or talking to the people there or may even help them decide if they want to return in the future.  

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how art can effectively enhance your workplace or home office premises or how you can use art to promote your business.   We will be glad to work with you to maximize the visual appeal of your surroundings tailored to your particular clientele or help you select the perfect piece of artwork to be presented as a gift.



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