Emmanuel d'Esparbes

Emmanuel d’Esparbes is a French artist working primarily with  watercolor and pastels.   Born in Algeria when it was still a French colony, Emmanuel spent much of his childhood there and later in Morocco where he became very much interested in drawing and painting, and even published a comic book while he was still a youngster!  After university, he embarked on his career as a teacher of English and spent many years traveling.  Over time, he visited every continent which gave him a genuine appreciation for varied landscapes and scenery and exposed him to the full spectrum of light and color used in painting.   After a brief flirtation with photography, he returned to painting and was subsequently assigned to Reunion Island, a French territory in the Southern region of the Indian Ocean.   Here, Emmanuel had the good fortune of becoming close friends with a long-time local resident who was also a graduate of the prestigious Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris and who became his mentor in perfecting his techniques in art.  Emmanuel is now retired in a picturesque village in Southern France from where he draws plenty of inspiration for his artwork .

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