Jo Wright

A lifelong compulsion to create, combined with a genetic rather than academic ability to do so has been a true gift.  As with most artists, Jo paints or sculpts what she finds most beautiful or inspiring.  Though now living in Virginia, she is an Englishwoman and divides her time between the USA and the UK, welcoming customers from both sides of the Atlantic.

Jo has two abiding passions that have been companions to her for longer than she has memories:  Horses were an instant fascination that first struck in Central Park NY in 1971.  As a small child, a mounted policeman asked Jo's parents if she would like to sit on his horse (and she really did), but when   lifted into the saddle, she became convinced she would slip down the neck of the grazing chestnut.  Jo screamed to be taken off…such regret felt for not enjoying that moment… Jo was from that moment transformed into a girl that had to ride at all costs.

Jo has early childhood memories of watching her Father work on whatever potential masterpiece he had set on his easel. The compulsion to be creative has surely come from him, passed on through genes and positive encouragement from both parents. Through every stage of her life, art has been a companion and a way to express what she finds most beautiful.

Through her work these two enduring passions converge.


440A W Duke of Gloucester Street, Williamsburg, VA 23185
(757) 565-9680

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