Karen Bonday Williamson

Creating landscapes of nature’s beauty with intense colors of a morning sunrise or the paleness of filtered sunlight, are some of Karen’s favorite subjects. She is intrigued by the ephemeral moments of color and light, and is in pursuit of capturing on canvas that feeling of fleeting time, where in the very next moment, the subject has changed.   

Oils are her first love, but recently Karen began to paint Plein Air and chose to use acrylics. Their vivid colors, versatility, and fast drying aspect allow her to paint at a quick pace, which captures the essence of wherever she is. She has gone on her own artist excursions to the west coast, “Porta del Sol” of Puerto Rico, where she created a series of Plein Air paintings capturing the colorful Caribbean beaches from the northwest Aquadilla, to the rocky cliffs at the Cabo Rojo lighthouse on the southern tip. She also spends time on the beaches and dunes of the Outer Banks, painting studies of the vastness of the sky and ocean, and the movement of the sea oats.

Karen feels she has come into a new phase of her creativity and is finding true satisfaction in the direction her paintings are taking. She hopes that her art will connect with others, and they find a sense of beauty, peace and intrigue in her paintings. People tell her they feel transported to the locations created in her landscapes…and feel a sense that all is well with the world...in this fleeting moment.


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