Moscow School of Russian Realism

We currently have the exceptional work of several modern masters of the Moscow School of Russian Realism on exhibit and available for sale.  Our initial consignment consists of paintings by artists Olga Belakovskaya, Marina Rubanova, Ilya Yatsenko, and Ivan Zolotuhin (learn more about them below). All attended the prestigious Russian Academy of Arts (Surikov Institute) in Moscow.


Olga Belakovskaya   -  Born in 1963 in Moscow, Russia.  At the will of her parents, she began her studies in a specialized school for mathematics, only studying art in the evenings. It was not long until she transferred to the specialized art school No.1.  In 1976,  she was invited to study at the Secondary Art School in Honor of Tomskoy, the preparatory school for the Surikov Institute. From 1982 to 1989 she studied at the Surikov Institute in the department of Theatrical Painting, the studio of Professor M. Kurilko-Rumin.  Belakovskaya also studied with and greatly admired the famous artist Valeri Skuridin.  In 1984 she married fellow artist Nikolai Dubavik.  In 1989, she resumed studies at the Academy of Russia under M. Kurilko-Rumin.  Belakovskaya has worked as an artist in various theatres throughout Moscow.  She has been teaching at the Art College of 1905 since 1996. 

Marina Rubanova  -  Born in 1965 in Grozny, the Republic of Chechnya.  She began her studies at the specialized art school in Grozny, from which she graduated in 1980.   From 1980 to 1983, she studied at the Art College in Grozny, in the studio of I.V. Olkhova.  In 1994 she was accepted into the Surikov Insitute in Moscow.  While at the Surikov she studied under Professors E. Maximov and I Lubinikov.  In 1997, while still attending the Surikov Insitute, she worked on the frescoes of the Church of the Kazan Virgin Mary in the Optina Pustina Monestary. She graduated from the Institute in 2000.

Ilya Yatsenko  -  Born August 27, 1975 in the Moscow region town of Zelenograde.  An art school for children opened up in his hometown of Zelenograde at which he had the good fortune  to study.  He was a member of the school's first graduating class.  From 1990-1993, he studied at the Preparatory Art School for entrance to the renowned Surikov Institute under the guidance of Nikolai Kozlov and Leonid Bezsednov.  In 1993 he was accepted to the Surikov Institute and studied under the now famous professors  Fomkin, Danilichev, and Shotski, the latter two he studied with for two years.  Later, he moved to the studio of the legendary Professor Zabelin, studying with him as well as his assistants Nikolai Dubavik and Alexey Sukhovetshy.  He completed his Master's work and received rarely given perfect grades in 1999.  During his time at the Surikov (1996)  he was also an apprentice at the Stuttgart Academy of Art in Germany under professor Kinter.  Since 1999, Ilya has been a member of the Moscow Union of Artists. Since 1994, Ilya has actively participated in exhibitions in Russia, Great Britain, Germany and the United States.  From 1999 to 2000, Ilya taught figure drawing at the Preparatory School to the Surikov and at the Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering.  Today, he lives and paints in Moscow.

Ivan Zolotuhin -  Born December 11, 1962 in the town of Balabawovo which is in the Saratov region of Russia.  He graduated from the Saratov Art College in 1986.  In 1994 he graduated from the prestigious Surikov Institute from the studio of the legendary Zabelin.  Zolotuhin was known to be Zabelin's most talented student of his time.  His diploma work received the venerated award from the Ministry of Culture of Russia.   Ivan entered the Union of Artists of Russia in 1998.   He lives and paints today in Moscow.


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