Moscow School of Russian Realism

We currently have the exceptional work of several modern masters of the Moscow School of Russian Realism on exhibit and available for sale.  Our initial consignment consists of paintings by artists Olga Belakovskaya, Marina Rubanova, Ilya Yatsenko, and Ivan Zolotuhin (learn more about them below). All attended the prestigious Russian Academy of Arts (Surikov Institute) in Moscow.


Olga Belakovskaya   -  Born in 1963 in Moscow, Russia.  At the will of her parents, she began her studies in a specialized school for mathematics, only studying art in the evenings. It was not long until she transferred to the specialized art school No.1.  In 1976,  she was invited to study at the Secondary Art School in Honor of Tomskoy, the preparatory school for the Surikov Institute. From 1982 to 1989 she studied at the Surikov Institute in the department of Theatrical Painting, the studio of Professor M. Kurilko-Rumin.  Belakovskaya also studied with and greatly admired the famous artist Valeri Skuridin.  In 1984 she married fellow artist Nikolai Dubavik.  In 1989, she resumed studies at the Academy of Russia under M. Kurilko-Rumin.  Belakovskaya has worked as an artist in various theatres throughout Moscow.  She has been teaching at the Art College of 1905 since 1996. 


Nikolai Dubovik - Born June 16, 1960 in the village of Urzuf, on the Don River in southern Russia. He spent his early childhood residing in a cottage in Tavria on the steppes of Preyazovsky. Nikolai's father was a simple cobbler who played the fiddle on festive days. His father fought and lived through two great wars, the Finnish as well as World War II. As a young boy, Nikolai was in love with drawing. He drew on everything he could find; pieces of scrap paper, on the floor, and newspapers. Ten years after the death of his mother, he entered the orphanage of Taganroge. The orphanage was in an old building, formerly the governor's house. Here the Russian Tsar Alexander I died in 1825. This place turned out to leave strong impressions on the young artist. When he was 14 years old, he entered a special school for the arts. During this time in his life, he experienced major problems with finances and he armed himself with a French easel made by pieces of panel from a broken bed he found in the attic of the orphanage. When he was 15, he was accepted into the Art College in Honor of Grekov, in the city of Rostov on the Don. Directly after completing his studies here, he began to teach in the Taganroge art school. In 1979 he was drafted into the Soviet Army. From 1982-1988 he was a student of the Surikov Institute under the direction of the Honored Artist of the USSR, T. Salakhov. For his excellent artistic achievement he was offered to do post-graduate work at the Surikov Institute by two departments (this was a very rare honor), Drawing, and Painting, in order to prepare him to be an instructor at the Institute. He finished his post-graduate degree under the direction of the legendary artist Vyacheslav Nikolaivic Zabelin. After finishing his studies he began teaching drawing in the studio of Professor Zabelin. He received tenure in 1997 and teaches there still today. He is also a member of the Mosocw River School of painters, founded by the famous Russian artist Yuri Kugach. Nikolai's drawings and paintings are featured in numerous books on Russian artists.


Alexanderliech Kosnichev - Born in 1970, in Moscow, into a family of artists. In 1983, he was accepted into the Moscow Secondary School of Art, the preparatory school for the Surikov Institute. He completed his education there in 1988 and began actively exhibiting his work. In 1992, he was accepted to the Surikov Moscow State Institute of Art, and in 1994, undertook study in the painting studio of V. N. Zabelin. He graduated the Institute in 1998. Since 1994, he has been a member of The International Artist's Fund, and in 1995, he was accepted in the International Federation of Art (UNESCO). Since 1999 he has worked in the painting studio of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts under the famed Tkachev brothers. He is constantly participating in exhibitions throughout Russia and abroad. 

Marina Rubanova  -  Born in 1965 in Grozny, the Republic of Chechnya.  She began her studies at the specialized art school in Grozny, from which she graduated in 1980.   From 1980 to 1983, she studied at the Art College in Grozny, in the studio of I.V. Olkhova.  In 1994 she was accepted into the Surikov Insitute in Moscow.  While at the Surikov she studied under Professors E. Maximov and I Lubinikov.  In 1997, while still attending the Surikov Insitute, she worked on the frescoes of the Church of the Kazan Virgin Mary in the Optina Pustina Monestary. She graduated from the Institute in 2000.

John Wurdeman  - Born into a family of artists in Santa-Fe, New Mexico, in 1975, John from his early childhood developed a keen interest in art. He attended St. Michael's School and Trinity Episcopal High School in Virginia. He then attended the pre-college painting program at the Rhode Island School of Art and Design in 1991. He was accepted in 1992 at the oldest accredited art school in America, Maryland Institute, College of Art on a full scholarship. There he studied with professors Raol Middleman and James Hennessey. In 1995, he transferred to The Surikov Institute of Art in Moscow where he studied under Professor V. N. Zabelin. John is the only American to ever graduate from the the Surikov Institue. While attending the Surikov, John founded the Moscow based art group, "Vision" in 1996. In 1997 he traveled and gathered material for his diploma project in the Republic of Georgia. In 1998, he completed his Masters Degree of Fine Arts at the Surikov Institute in Moscow and co-founded The King Erekle International School of the Arts in Telavi, Georgia. John lives and paints today in a remote region of the Republic of Georgia.

Ivan Zolotuhin -  Born December 11, 1962 in the town of Balabawovo which is in the Saratov region of Russia.  He graduated from the Saratov Art College in 1986.  In 1994 he graduated from the prestigious Surikov Institute from the studio of the legendary Zabelin.  Zolotuhin was known to be Zabelin's most talented student of his time.  His diploma work received the venerated award from the Ministry of Culture of Russia.   Ivan entered the Union of Artists of Russia in 1998.   He lives and paints today in Moscow.


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