Original Art Sale: May - August 2018

Earlier this month, we announced that on September 1, Williamsburg Art Gallery will be transitioning primarily to an online gallery. Between now and the closure of our physical location, we are offering amazing original art by some of our nation's finest painters and sculptors at discounted prices. 

The discounts vary from 5% to 20% depending on the listed retail value. This is a unique opportunity to acquire some exceptional artwork during a limited period of time!

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Upcoming Changes at Williamsburg Art Gallery

In 2015, we opened Williamsburg Art Gallery and with the goal of bringing beautiful fine art to the residents of our lovely historic town and its many visitors. We are pleased to have achieved this in addition to contributing to community organizations, charities, the performing arts, and art in schools over the last three years. On September 1, 2018, we will close the gallery in its current form. Instead, we will transition Williamsburg Art Gallery to be primarily an online gallery showcasing mostly, but not exclusively, Gulay's artwork.

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Art Renewal Center Welcomes Gulay Berryman as New ARC Living Artist

ARC is pleased to welcome Gulay Berryman as its newest ARC Living Artist.

"Art has been my way of acknowledging the world around me.  I have always been a very visual person from a young age but the inspiration to paint and preserve on canvas my impressions of places, people, and events was certainly intensified by foreign travel...

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