Upcoming Changes at Williamsburg Art Gallery

An Open Letter to Art Lovers and Friends

Williamsburg Art Gallery.JPG

In 2015, we opened Williamsburg Art Gallery with the goal of bringing beautiful fine art to the residents of our lovely historic town and its many visitors and to provide a window into the work of our own talented area artists. In addition to its primary role of promoting fine art and artists, we wanted Williamsburg Art Gallery to contribute and help community organizations, charities, the performing arts, and art in schools. We are pleased that throughout the past three years, we have accomplished these goals.

Come September 1, 2018, we will close the gallery in its current form. Instead, we will transition Williamsburg Art Gallery to be primarily an online gallery showcasing mostly, but not exclusively, Gulay's artwork. Gulay will have more time to paint, exhibit, and be available for commission work once again. In addition, she would like to work directly with local businesses and residents in need of artwork for their interior décor, for those interested in using art as gifts or donations, and with any retail businesses interested in carrying her art for sale to the public.

The above said, we would still like to see a physical art gallery presence continue in historic downtown Williamsburg. Please contact us at info@wmbgartgallery.com to discuss possible partnerships or transfer in ownership of our retail business. While the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation would be willing to discuss leasing opportunities with a new owner, such an arrangement would be contingent upon negotiations and discussions of space.

Our website with its Online Store (www.wmbgartgallery.com) and our Williamsburg Art Gallery Facebook Page will remain the same. If you are traveling to Williamsburg, please feel free to visit our website and contact us if you would like to schedule an appointment.

Lastly, thank you Williamsburg and thank you to all our clients and visitors from so many U.S. states and even a number of foreign countries. Your business, your support, and your friendship have been invaluable and continue to mean very much to us.

Best regards,
Gulay & Clyde Berryman