For the artist, the greater Williamsburg, Virginia region has it all.  The relationship between art and history is timeless.   Beyond the many opportunities which the Historic Triangle offers the artist in visually bringing to life America’s early history, the contemporary landscape is equally breathtaking.   It is a land of four full seasons, of incredible foliage and blooming flowers, a variety of birds and wildlife, marshlands, small harbors, panoramic views over rivers and bays, rolling hills and a natural light which owes much to its mid-East Coast latitudes.   At the end of the day, the Tidewater peninsula is often home to spectacular sunsets.  

Williamsburg, Virginia is a natural and inspiring home for all kinds of artists, whether they are steeped in history, architecture, the everyday lives of people, drawn to scenic landscapes or simply seeking a relaxing environment where creativity is encouraged.   I am hopeful that the Williamsburg Art Gallery will be a showcase for the beauty of this region as depicted by artists but also, that it will serve as a crossroads for art.   Like keeping an open mind to ideas, art which comes from elsewhere is enriching and should provoke curiosity and the desire to learn.   A good art gallery has the dual obligation of bringing to the public the art they want to see but also, to sometimes surprise them and pique their interest with the unusual, the unknown or the unexpected. 

I want to welcome you to the Williamsburg Art Gallery and I hope that you will follow our news and let us know what kind of art and artists you would like to see featured on our Online Gallery.
Gulay Berryman
Gallery Director