Gulay Berryman Painting Selected as Finalist in the 14th International ARC Salon

We are very pleased to announce that Gulay Berryman’s painting 'View from Eze' (Looking Toward St. Jean Cap Ferrat) has been selected as a Finalist in the Art Renewal Center (ARC) 14th International ARC Salon Competition.


“As we climbed up the steep path and came to the entrance, I knew that discovering this medieval village nestled near the top of a mountain would be an experience of a lifetime. As I strolled through the narrow streets lined with exotic plants and flowers, I saw how well it was all put together. Every time I turned a corner, I saw a scene for a painting. When I finally came to the spot where I saw the view I would paint, my heart skipped a beat... It was magical! I wasn't so sure whether it was the height, the atmosphere, the light at that time of day or a combination of all these which contributed but I knew then that I just had to take this view home...”


Eze, on the French Riviera, is a picturesque medieval village from which you can enjoy one of the most breathtaking views anywhere in the world! This painting depicts the view from Eze looking West toward the peninsula of St. Jean Cap Ferrat with the charming village of Beaulieu-sur-Mer along the coastline below.

Eze is perched 1,400 feet up a cliff on a hilltop above the Mediterranean Sea near Mt. Bastide. It is almost half-way between Nice and Menton and just above Monaco. Initially settled around 2000 BC, the village of Eze has seen the ancient Greeks, Romans, the Genoese, and the Ottomans before being conquered by France in 1706 under King Louis XIV during the War of the Spanish Succession. The oldest building is the Chapelle de la Croix which goes back to 1306.

Eze boasts two of the finest luxury hotels in the world: La Chevre d’Or and the Chateau Eza. It has a rich botanical garden with a wide variety of plants and flowers, a number of small art galleries, artisan & craft shops and fashion stores nestled in rock facades along cobblestone streets. The Fragonard Perfume Factory is just beneath the village. It is no small wonder that Eze is a popular tourist destination all summer long.