On Westhampton Pond

On Westhampton Pond


by Clyde Berryman | Hardcover, full-color, 43 pages

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The author was initially the most improbable photographer of nature one could imagine. This photographic record of the effects which changing light and the seasons could have on a small pond was not planned. It evolved slowly over time as the author worked at a computer. In his own words:

“The closest I had come to truly appreciating changes in nature was in studying the landscape paintings of artists whom I admired. During hours spent researching these topics at a computer, I would periodically glance out the office window at the view below and the pond began to exercise a magical fascination on me. I began to take notice of a myriad number of small and subtle changes which took place hourly and over the entirety of each day. I started to keep a camera handy to record these changes brought about most obviously by the seasons, but also by changes in the weather and lighting conditions. I took note of how the pond’s character would alter dramatically in ways I had never focused upon when looking at nature before. Some of the images were composed deliberately as I waited until the right set of conditions gathered to create an effect I had not seen before. Other photos had to be snapped hurriedly in quick succession as light and climate changes made for a rapidly changing scene below. I quickly learned that timing was everything in the sort of nature photography of interest to me and despite having the camera close by, I still missed documenting many moods or steps in the transformation of the appearance of the pond and its surroundings which I dearly wish I had been able to capture. Further, the countless number of photos I eventually took would have to be narrowed down considerably in order to fit in a manageable-sized book.”

This forty-three page hardbound book is the result of the author’s discovery of the many faces and moods of nature as documented with a camera over four seasons.