Williamsburg Art Gallery: 2015-2016

Williamsburg Art Gallery: 2015-2016


by Williamsburg Art Gallery | Hardcover, full-color, 50 pages

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Our Williamsburg Art Gallery volumes are deluxe fifty-page full-color hardbound books which chronicle the artists who exhibited and the events which took place at the gallery.   Chances are if you frequented the Williamsburg Art Gallery, you may well find yourself, your friends or the art you have collected depicted in the pages of one of these two books.   They also are a wonderful way of preserving memories and make a wonderful  gift for friends and family who may have enjoyed the gallery as well!  

ARTISTS WHOSE WORK IS INCLUDED:  Baris Can Aksakal, Andrey Aleksandrov, Apryl Altman, Eldridge Bagley, Gulay Berryman, Marcel Boos, Hap Bowditch, Susan Budash, Bill Casto, Merrilee Cleveland, Priscilla Coote, Katie Crawford, Yury Darashkevich, Richard DePaul, Emmanuel d'Esparbes, Amy Donahue, Stephen Morgan Etnier, Janelle Fowler-Feeney, Pat Gamby, David Buckley Good, Ed Gowen, Elizabeth Greaf, Jane Hixson, Rob Ijbema, Pattie Kennedy, Bob Leek, Susan Little, Jenny Loveland, Andre Lucero, Bob Mandala, Jerry Marks, Thomas McLauchlin, Maria Merlo, Leonard Mizerek, Larry Moore, Joseph Pfeiffer-Herbert, Gary Robertson, Ray & Martha Rountree, Carol Rowan, Mary Ruff, Al Sprague, Yusuf Tarim, Kimi Vlahakis, Robert Wellings, Dawn Whitelaw, Karen Bonday Williamson, Janis Wood, Jane Woodward, Jo Wright, Matt Zoll

EVENTS COVERED:  Gallery Opening, David Buckley Good Painting Demonstration, Opera in Williamsburg - Don Giovanni, Underground Kitchen, 2015 Holiday Party - W&M Botetourt a capella singers, 2016 Winter Blues Jazz Fest, Opera in Williamsburg - An Evening of Beautiful Singing, Williamsburg Symphony Orchestra Masterwork Concert Receptions, Opera in Williamsburg - La Cenerentola, Bill Casto Wildfowl Carving Presentation, American Society of Marine Artists - Making Waves Exhibition (David Bareford, Charles Raskob Robinson, Sheri Farabaugh, Morgan Samuel Price, Sergio Roffo)

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